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Whether you're looking for help with routine cleaning or a deep clean to get things back on track, we can help. 
Take a look at some of the before and after photos from cleans carried out by The Cleaning Lady team.
Book a deep clean for your bathroom with The Cleaning Lady and we will get into all those nooks and crannies.Before - Shower base. Stained limescale deposits and dirt. Not a problem for The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Swindon Before - Tap dull from limescale and soapscum
The Cleaning Lady Swindon - Intensive Bathroom Clean - Before Before a deep clean, Looked a little sorry for itself...Before - Taps can quickly lose their shine due to limescale and soapscum. Our Intensive Bathroom cleaning service can help to restore their shine.
Swindon is a hard water area. Before the initial clean, the shower screen was obscured by water marks.

After a thorough deep clean, the toilet and floor is fresh and clean
After the Cleaning Lady's initial clean, the shower base was bright and shining again After - After The Cleaning Lady team visited, the tap was looking as good as new
The Cleaning Lady Swindon - Intensive Bathroom Clean - After After an intensive deep clean, the toilet has been descaled and is fresh and clean. This will be maintained with fortnightly cleans by The Cleaning Lady SwindonAfter - Limescale removed and the chrome polished to a brilliant shine.
After a deep clean, the water marks have been removed. This will now be maintained with regular weekly cleans by The Cleaning Lady Swindon

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